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Kio Yamato: The Legend

The New Titanium

Kio Yamato is not a person’s name. It is the philosophy of an eyewear line that isn’t stuck in the “now”. Kio Yamato looks to the future to develop the fashion needs now, by using titanium technology other eyewear companies are just learning about. Our name was chosen specifically to represent this philosophy.

KIO Translates as pure and clean. Pure and clean undoubtedly is the essence of this collection. The clean, refined lines of the design accent the concept of lightweight titanium and clean, polished cellulose acetate.

YAMATO is the name of an ancient Japanese province, better known as “The Court of Yamato”, which literally signifies “The Great Peace”. This was between 100 and 300 BC. At this time, the chiefs of the Kyushu clan settled in this province. For fifteen centuries, they ruled over the destiny of the country. The whole period was marked by the development of techniques, in particular the widespread use of iron and considerable cultural advances. Yamato, a narrow plain situated 20 to 30 kilometers from Kyoto and Osaka, holds great archeological wealth, and thus symbolizes with eloquence this first Japanese state, whose power sprang from wisdom and grace.

The Union

The union of these two names illustrates the spirit of the Kio Yamato collection, where the subtle fusion of the brilliance of the era and its purity are inherent in every frame.

Kio Concept

Kio Yamato is quite literally a renaissance of purity. In an age where status quo is encouraged, Kio Yamato has prided itself by being totally divergent from that end. Instead, Kio Yamato has established a foundation of unsurpassed craftsmanship and time tested quality, the likes of which are rarely seen. Uniting only the finest titanium and spectacular zyls, through intricate construction and the highest tolerances, this strong foundation is continually laid with the birth of each frame. Now, upon this solid foundation arises innovative designs and technologically advanced processes which further distinguish Kio Yamato. Coupling pleasing eye shapes, with balanced comfort, produces the most luxurious yet sensible eyewear of its time. Fashion is fleeting, brands rise and fall, but the quality and confidence of Kio Yamato is timeless.