Check out the chart and see what style you have in your collection.

come and see our collection

come and see our collection

Thank you

We had a great event on Saturday, thanks to everyone who shared a cold day downtown with us!

The kids ate all the flowers(cupcakes)


We are having a party!

Saturday February 9, 12-4 pm. Swarovski crystal jewelry & Baked Bouquet (cupcake bouquet)

Balloons, treats & bling. Happy pre-Valentines Day

Sparkle is in!

Sparkle is in!

Who wants flowers when you can eat them?

Who wants flowers when you can eat them?

Made with love

We hand make our glasses on site. Anyone can buy eyewear and have it sent to a lab. Our lab is in house and our amazing lenses are crafted to make the perfect fit for your frames. Come in and check out our services.

Handmade with over 30 years of experience.

Handmade with over 30 years of experience.

Let's Celebrate

What are you going to do now to make sure you have your best year ever? Focus on just one thing you want to accomplish. This life is yours to make of it whatever you desire. Here is a list of ideas to help you get better and feel better.

  1. Write a personal mission statement.

  2. Schedule family time.

  3. Lose other people’s opinions.

  4. Find a mentor.

  5. Get a new hairstyle.

  6. Do something that scares you.

  7. Plan a trip.

  8. Take a class.

  9. Clean out your closet.

  10. Schedule all your doctor appointments for the year.

  11. Donate your old eyeglasses.

new year @ optique unique 2019

End of Year Flex Spending

Welcome to the end of the year Flex Spending Time. We have loads of retired frames to use as a backup pair and brand new Designer Frames that have come in to start the new year. Come stop by for a cup of coffee and browse all our new products.

optique unique wish list

Small Business Saturday - the party is on!!

November 24 at Optique Unique the eyeglass store
come join the fun in downtown metuchen from
9:30am - 3:00pm
for the coolest donut party around
games, photo station, prizes and of course gourmet donuts

donut party

Have you seen these?

Coolest flex frames!



No matter how hard you twist or turn it, our renowned TurboFlex® technology allows the temple of the frame to rotate 360° so it's durable and comfortable.