Optique Unique - the eyeglass store
406 Main St  Suite B.  Metuchen  NJ  08840

HOURS:    M. T. W. F.  10am-6pm    Th.  10am-8pm    Sat.   9am-4pm     Sun. Closed

T: 732-321-2020   F: 732-321-0236
E: info@optiqueunique.com


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welcome to our store

We have over 3000 in stock, come in and see what fits your style

Your glasses are handcrafted on site.
We have a play area for the kids, a coffee bar and a sitting area to relax in.
If you need a bite to eat there is a pizza and ice cream store next to us. You can bring you pooch and visit the Scottish Dog and get a treat for them too. So much to do in downtown Metuchen.