J. S

I recently bought glasses that can protect me from the UV light of the three screens from work, which caused me a lot of headaches and tiredness. I described to Barry Montalto what I was looking for and was able to find me exactly what I needed. After using the glasses he recommended with the specific lenses to protect my eyes from the UV light, the headaches and tiredness has gone away! Now, every time I use the computer for work or personal use, I use the glasses he made for me. I am so thankful for his expertise in this matter. His attention to detail, caring for the client's well-being, and delivering has made my experience phenomenal.


C. B

I’ve been coming here forever, and I've never once been disappointed. You are going to pay more here than you would at a lot of other places, but the quality of the work is second to none. Barry and his whole team are absolutely incredible.

R. N

I have been a client of Optique Unique for many years. Anytime I have an optometrist or eye specialist appointment, the doctors always rave about the accuracy of my prescription lenses. To quote my doctors, they say my lenses are “perfect!” I’ve recently , moved from the area, but I go back to Barry for my glasses....and always will. The staff is unequaled, gracious, friendly and professional.


R. S

Having a second pair of glasses to use exclusively when working at the computer has made a world of difference in my life.
I no longer seem to become irritable or suffer from headaches after working long hours in front of the screen. I don’t tire as quickly, and the eye strain seems much less than before.
I still get up and walk around regularly, but the reduction in the quality of distance vision isn’t a big problem. In fact, they are so comfortable that sometimes I forget to switch them with my regular glasses when I leave my office.
Thanks for encouraging me to try a pair. I’m amazed at the improvement.


R. M

What a delightful experience. The frame of my rimless glasses broke and I needed an emergency repair before leaving the country. They turned it around in two hours. The repair was so expert I could not tell there was any damage.
Amazing service, delightful people and a great price too. Way cool place!

M. T

This is the coolest optical shop I've ever stepped into.  It has both an antique and industrial feel.  The selection is amazing.
I went in because I found that my sunglasses were broken the day before I was set to leave for my Puerto Rico beach vacation.  They were, a piece had broken off--not an easy fix.  They fixed them.  Friggin' boss.
I can't say enough about how kind the staff is, and how helpful.
And if you have children...I have never seen a better selection of children's eyewear.  They cater to them.
Seriously...get yourself on into Optique Unique.  You will walk out looking better than when you walked in.

D. L

I've stopped by many times and have gotten my frames from Barry. Trust me, Barry and Laura know what they're doing. Love, love LOVE coming here every time I'm looking to get my glasses done.
Where else would you get great personalities, warm hearts, skillful hands with a touch of fashionability? Don't tell me Lenscrafters and Pearle Vision! HA! 
There is an art in eyewear and franchisees need to learn that. Wearing fashion brand frames is NOT the same as high end designer ones. The former consists of mostly tasteless generic designs without any attention to detail (seriously, go to any Lenscrafter and tell me if I am wrong [just learned from 60 Minute's segment on Luxxotica that they own every fashion brand]). 
Thankfully Barry knows this and what he offers are many different high quality handmade brands like KIO YAMATO, and other things in that tier. I'm actually wearing a pair of KIO YAMATO myself from Optique Unique and LOVE them (look at my picture--i look fancyyyy!). 
They also have a nice section dedicated to children's for your kids if you're interested. Wonderful shop, great personable staff, and great glasses at great prices, what not to like?!

J. O

Wow. My frames broke and I needed a fix right away as my back up pair were nearly useless and causing me great psin. I went in to see if they could fix them but the break was in a very weak area. Much to my delight they found some frames that were close to my lenses and did some grinding to get them in and perfecto. I can see again and I love the new Nike frames. Barry and his crew got me in and out in about an hour's time. I'm amazed.

M. S

It really does make a difference who grinds your lenses.  Live and learn.  Repeated experience now requires I spend the extra money to gain my local optician's skill and experience selecting the best lens manufacturer and properly grinding and centering my lenses.  More than once I tried other discounted or less expensive opticians, optometrists and the internet, but for whatever reason I gave in, and went for the extra cost, it has paid off in spades.  What a difference - one I never would have expected nor believed.  The lenses are crystal clear, they are thinner than ever, but most incredibly, I really see better than ever.  I'm an irreversible fan of my local optician.

J. P

I have a specialty pair of eye glasses.  This shop carries the line.  Every time I come in, Debbie takes care of me for adjustments.  I appreciate her candor and customer service.  Thank you!

B. A

We have been going here for 6 years, for my now 11 year old. They are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend them.

K. S

Amazing facility with knowledgeable staff! Works tirelessly to ensure the perfect fit on my active girl!

E. W

I love this place they are always so friendly, helpful and always did a great job for me and the family.

S. A

We’ve been coming to Optique Unique since 18 months and we’ve never been disappointed in the level of attention, quality, selection and helpfulness from Barry and his staff! So glad we come here!

B. S

This is easily the best place to buy glasses. There's a phenomenal selection of unique and interesting frames---but more than that, they really know lenses. They cut my lenses perfectly and carefully so that my heavy prescription looks terrific in the frame. It's rare to find an optical professional with such broad and deep knowledge about lens technology (color temperature, materials, etc...). And the team there is very friendly and patient. They really take the time to learn what each customer needs and wants.

J. R

Optique Unique worth the trip within the tri-state area. Humm, what can I say about this unique optical store? A lot! My experiences so far dealing with the staff have been excellent. Barry Montalto the owner definitely knows his optics. Laura, Debbie and Ben work the front of this well organized and stocked store and couldn't be any nicer and more importantly knowledgeable! Put it this way, Debbie has been in the industry since 1979. I hope I have that much enthusiasm after working over 38 years in the same industry dealing with the public. 😁 Laura is a sweetheart and comes from the Lasik industry. ALL three have worked with Barry for many years which again says a lot.

Optique Unique has a great feel / warmth to its environment and you are never pressured to buy anything only educated on what lens/frames will work optimally with your vision prescription.

Barry carries all the latest designer style of frames and can customize your frame and lenses to suit your particular needs. When needing a new pair of glasses that not only fit perfect but look good while still offering incredible vision give Optique Unique a call or stop on by.

I'm a consumer who expects quality for my hard-earned dollar and Optique Unique delivers that in spades. Hope this helped out somebody that was in the need of a high-end Optical retailer that knows their stuff.

M. A

Such amazing people work here ! They helped my baby find a perfect pair of glasses


W. K

The service at Optique Unique is above all. Any problems are taken care of with a smile great staff and good owner. The best place for eyewear in Middlesex county.